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Unlocking Wellness: The Vital Relationship Between Health and Home

Reflection of Inner State

The relationship between our health and the state of our homes is not just important; it’s vital. Our homes are a reflection of our inner state, and when they are in disarray, we experience the negative effects in a holistic way – in all areas of our physical, mental, and spiritual health. A stray object left in the middle of a room can lead to a range of injuries, from a simple stubbed toe to a more serious fall. Dust on shelves could be aggravating allergies that we didn’t even know we had. The clutter in your closet can lead to indecision on how to present yourself, and thus how you feel about yourself. These are just a few examples of how a disorderly home can affect our health, underscoring the urgency of taking care of our homes for our well-being.

Organizing for Transformation

Dr. John F. DeMartini, a leading expert in human behavior, writes: “To prioritize is to organize, and to organize is to transform stress into success. Thus, you’re rewarded in life to the degree that you can master the ability to organize stressful disorder.”

Impact on Mental Health

A disorganized home is most impactful to our mental health in the form of stress. In the chaos of a cluttered home, we become more agitated without even realizing it. We don’t sleep or wake as well when we are crowded in by our possessions. We are late for appointments because we need help locating essential things we need. It becomes more difficult to move efficiently in our own space, leading to bigger and greater stress and anxiety.

Creating a Sanctuary

Clearing out and decluttering our homes has an immediate, positive impact on how we feel on all levels. When we dedicate ourselves to giving each of our belongings a proper place and function in our home, we create an atmosphere of care and thoughtfulness that is reflected back onto us as we move through our spaces with ease and lightness. Our homes can become our sanctuaries again; they can once more become a safe space for us to nurture our own health and well-being, as well as our family’s.