Christie Gabai Coaching

Christie Gabai Coaching

The Art of Inner Order

Holistic coaching to attain an organized life from the inside out.

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My passion is to empower you to make decisions to let go of the things that no longer serve you, creating peace in your home, heart, health and holiness. I believe we all have an order within us that, when UnEarthed, leads to an organised life that flows. Our work together spans clutter, mindset shifts, releasing emotional baggage, eating patterns and spiritual alignment for a holistic order.

Sacred change


Approach clutter from a holistic perspective.

Christie Gabai coaching brings together over 2 decades of experiences to one focus: embracing your inner order. Wisdom from teaching meditation and instructing yoga comes together with insights as a certified spiritual life coach and holisitc health guide to enhance 20 years as a professional in home organizer. ReEmpower your life with a full transformation from clutter to order.


Paths of Sacred Change

Group Webinar

Powerful transformations deep dive into all things clutter with tangible steps to UnEarth Your Natural Order.

Become an Organiser

Embody how to guide others thru their tangible clutter to their inner order as an in home organiser.

1:1 Coaching

Your curated cocoon space to open up, release, restructure, and embrace the sacred change in your life.


Experience Sacred Change at our transformational, in person events, and align to your inner order.

“Every space needs a Christie touch!” -Sanela S.

Heal the Clutter

Lasting, Life Changing Benefits

Identify Clutter

Weild the power of discernment to be confident in and aware of the energetic impact of the things in your environment.

Remove Obstacles

Identify and remove the obstacles that create clutter within you thru deeper, spiritual work, to reflect an ordered space around you.

Experience Clarity

Live with peace, in flow, and a clear vision of your new life supported by your new organisation, inside out.

Start today

Impact All Areas of Your Life

The flow of our natural order impacts all areas of our life. How we carry ourselves in our everyday routines reflects our self-care and self-doubt. Getting organised is regaining control of your power; from the voices in your head, your habits, your patterns, routines, and stories that no longer serve you. Owning your power amplifies your ability to live in flow and grace, experiencing more joy in life. Enjoy more peace today by getting organised! 


How We Work

While every journey is as unique as the individual, we walk the same path to natural order.



Discover Your Change call & find out which path is for you.


Set Goals

The Keep, Not Keep Process supports your organisational goals.


Overcome Obstacles

Together we address the root cause of your mis-organisation.


Integrate Mindfulness

Practices to maintain your energetic and emotional health around misorganisation. 


Awareness & Reflection

Bask in your newfound clarity and empowering organisation. 


Reset Goals

Take a look around. Is there another area that would love some new organisation? 

Experience Organisation

What People Say

Organise Your Home in 10 Days

Declutter your home and experience clarity with this FREE guide! 


Frequently Asked Questions

Christie Gabai Coaching

Recap the details and find answers to your questions below. Still curious to know more? Schedule your free Discover Change call to learn more about how Christie Gabai Coaching can support your transformation from misorganisation. 

Anyoone chronically Mis-Orgaised that is ready to reclaim their freedom!

Majority of Christie Gabai Coaching retreats are half day or a full day. Check the details of the retreat you are interested in for a specific timeframe! 

We start with a call to Discover Your Change and then craft sessions. 

Organisation begins within! Healing the cause of the mis-organisation empowers you to life a fuller life. 

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Book a Discovery Call

The Art of Inner Order

Discover your change in a sacred space with Christie Gabai Coaching. Grow from Mis-Organised into the Greatest Version of yourself by UnEarthing Your Natural Order. Book a call to find out more!